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Increase Engagement with QR Codes for Your Church Increase Engagement with QR Codes for Your Church

By now you’ve probably seen and used a few QR codes to get additional information or order using an online menu. These little squares of bit-map code provide viewers with an easy way to access any variety of online information.

And that is why they are a great resource for your church - they allow you to interact with your congregation and they can also be the key to starting a conversation with someone in your community who is looking for prayer or who may be interested in starting their spiritual journey.

Increase Engagement with QR Codes for Your Church

Include a QR code on your postcard or invite card to begin a conversation even before they visit for the first time. Chose from the following:

  • A SMS QR code to begin a text conversation - FREE through Gloo!
  • A digital QR code to link to a form on your website.

SMS QR Codes

An SMS QR Code looks just like any other QR code. Someone simply opens up their smartphone camera and points it at the QR code to scan. But instead of opening up a website, an SMS QR code opens up a new text message. This text message can be pre-filled with your phone number AND a pre-written message or series of messages that start a conversation with your staff.

Increase Engagement with QR Codes for Your Church

Our partners at Gloo have made it easy for churches to sign up for FREE texting services and then quickly download a SMS QR code to launch text messages - click here to learn more.

SMS QR Codes are ideal for gathering prayer requests, helping a potential visitor plan their visit to your church or find out information about a special event such as Easter services.

Digital QR Codes

The most common use of QR codes is to allow the viewer to get to online information quickly. A QR code can point to a web page with information about a special event, a sign-up form, an online giving page, or a digital bulletin.

Increase Engagement with QR Codes for Your Church

Both types of QR codes can be part of your printed invitations, banners or bulletins - you can upload your code image and add it to anything you are customizing with our online editor, or our team of designers can add a QR code to any custom job.

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